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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • Nov 20 - Dec 10, 2018 // Female traveler in Japan

    - Hi! Im a 23 yo French Canadian that want to travel approx nov 20 - dec 10 to Japan. My english is really good. I love photography, food and I travel from distance. I am willing to do any activity - especially in the day time. I am not that much of a big party animal...
  • 23 y/o M looking for travel/food/culture friends in Japan! 31 Dec - 14 Jan 2019

    - Hi all, Looking for friends (友達) to go travelling in --> Osaka/ Kyoto and neighbouring prefectures in Japan! Trip will be from 31 Dec - 14 Jan. It will be a budget trip, hence budget hotel/ capsule/ bagpacker's lounge. Will be looking forward to discover local...
  • Looking for travel companions in October 2018

    - Hello everyone , Im omar 28 yr old male from morocco Im planning to visit japan for two weeks ( from octber 6th to the 21th )i can speak english and french , i didnt set an itinerary yet but i ll most likely start by tokyo and then i will head to kyoto and osaka... I d...
  • Anyone wants to travel to Japan together in November or December 2018?

    - This is my first post and my travel time is not fixed yet. I'm serving National Service in Singapore so I'm taking leave to travel, hence travel time is flexible. I'm 19 Male from Singapore looking to explore as many interesting sites and activities as possible. I'm...
  • Looking for a companion who’s in Tokyo end of September 2018

    - Hi there! I’m currently here in Tokyo for a 5 days trip. If you’re interested we can meet and possible be travel companions while visiting different places around. Hit me up. Thanks!
  • Hiking - Kamikochi or Daisetsuzan National Park, Asahidake End September 2018

    - Hi all, I am planning to go to either the Kamikochi or Daisetsuzan National Park to do some hiking (either day or overnight) and am looking for people to hike with either 23 September or 30 September/1 October. I plan on spending 3-4 days in either of the regions. ...
  • 24 Sep 2018 Hike Mt. Takao

    - I am a Hong Kong girl , middle age. I plan to hike Mt. Takao on 24 Sep and want to hike with somebody or a group to enjoy the Japanese culture. I will go for Trail 6 possibly, as I want to see more natural scenery. Hope to see you soon !
  • September 24-26 Hiking around Tokyo

    - Am looking for someone or a small group to do hikes in areas outside of Tokyo together as I have very bad sense of direction yet love to be in the nature... I am from Hong Kong and am a frequent hiker back home here and I often hike with guys. I look for people who can...
  • Okinawa (Naha City) Trip in September 2018

    - Hi,my name is Netta,I’m 29,female,from Indonesia... I will go to Okinawa from 16th until 18th September... Please feel free to contact me if you wanna join me to sightseeing around Naha City... :)
  • Looking for a travel companion in Tokyo and Toyama in October 2018

    - Hi i am a 22 year old guy name Khoo Ken-G, single (erherm), all the way from Malaysia and i am looking for a travel buddy somewhere within the 2-3rd week of October 2018!!! Preference for a travel buddy: Anybody within their 20's and is interested to explore cultural,...

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