From Tokyo to Fukuoka (or some part of it) in January 2020

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I'm Paul and I'm currently 25 years old, which seems like a nice age to explorer the world. Japan always had my interest, so there's a lot of stuff i would like to do! i'm really looking forward to the Japanese cuisine and the culture. I practice karate myself, so I'm also interested to seeing it in the country of it's origin.

The outline of my plan is to take the train from Tokyo to Fukuoka and visit the big cities on it's way (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and Fukuoka). I'll see what will cross my path and i'll adept my plan to it. I prefer to mostly take the train and stay in hostels or not too expensive hotel on the way. During the day I would like to explorer the cities and sometimes of course enjoy a nice drink in the evening.

I'm looking for people of around my age, who are also interested in exploring Japan! It would be cool if you want to join me for the whole trip, but even a small part would already be cool!

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