I have visited Japan for various reasons about 15 times and the last time was to get married. On this visit I went to a local ladies hairdresser in Konan city worked by a man, with my wife before the wedding . My Japanese wife had a shave of her facial skin.

Whilst waiting I looked at Magazines, normal you might think . But I found a magazine with sexually explicit nude pictures showing genitilia of Japanese young girls and in more than one magazine. I was worried for my wife's safety in the hands of this male hair dresser at a ladies salon.
I was worried that she might get groped as the hair dresser worked behind a frosted glass screen.

My wife said she had been there before but she did not know about the content of the magazines.

MY QUESTION IS : Is it normal to find a sexually explicit magazine at a local hair dresser in Japan ? and is that man safe to be with,
especially for young girls alone ?

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