First time Japan trip - advice needed on fitting in Kinosaki Onsen!

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Konichiwa all,

I am travelling to Japan in November for 2.5 weeks and have put together my own itinerary BUT I think I might have got something wrong.

I really want to visit Kinosaki Onsen as part of my trip but looking at the train connections, it will take me 5.5 hours out of my way (return) from the rest of my trip (which is mostly the golden route of Japan).

Can anyone advise if there is a better way for me to organise the trips I want to make?

Kinosaki Onsen
Liverpool :(

Much appreciated,

By josiejouk Posted on September 26, 2022
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September 28, 2022

Hi if you use the Rome to Rio travel app and type in your starting point, say Tokyo and your destination point Kinosakai it will show you how to travel there by train.
There's a train every 20 minutes and it only takes about an hour from Tokyo.
I have travelled through Japan many times and looking at the places you have listed you could spend a few days in each and using the JR rail pass which is convenient and well worth the expense you could travel between these places quite easily
Kind regards John

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