Woodblock Prints in the Chūgoku or Shikoku region?

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I will be going to Japan for my 13th trip and won't be going to Tokyo or Kyoto this time. I am more than interested in buying a woodblock print. Either a antique or a newer one by a current artist. I would rather not shop online.

This trip I will be going to

Iwaso Ryokan near Miyajima

Bizen to buy Bizen Ware pottery

Shikoku to see both Ehime and Kagawa areas.

Also one night in Osaka

and 3 nights in Himeji.

Can anyone help me located a place in my list, or a place I can get to for a daytrip? I will be in Japan for 13 days and 12 nights. (anywhere but Tokyo and Kyoto please I have been there several times each.)

I very much appreciate any help.


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