Ginkaku-ji, View on northern Kyoto and the temple's grounds in autumn


Kyoto's Silver Pavilion

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Ginkaku-ji is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, located in the north-east in Higashiyama district. The Silver Pavilion is made of lacquered wood and surrounded by a wonderful dry garden of a refined aesthetic, a bamboo alley as well as a Japanese moss garden.

Among the many temples to visit in Kyoto, the Kinkaku-ji seems the tourists’ favorite, whereas Ginkaku-ji is far less crowded.

Less flashy than its golden counterpart, Ginkaku-ji is certainly not less interesting. Located in Higashiyama (northeast of the city), it's easily accessible from the Philosopher's Path.

Built during the fifteenth century, it's a Buddhist temple whose name is translated as 'silver pavilion'. Even though, unlike the Golden Pavilion, the Ginkaku-ji was never covered with silver leaves.

Ginkaku-ji revolves around a gorgeous and minimalist dry garden, known as "sea of silver sand," which puts the Zen philosophy at the center of the grounds’ layout. Going up the mountain side, from the small bamboo grove that hides a Japanese moss garden, a great view on the north of Kyoto is revealed.

When in Kyoto, Ginkaku-ji is a highly recommended visit, and its discovery can be easily combined with the exploration of the other wonderful sightseeing spots of the surrounding.

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By Kanpai Updated on November 30, 2022 Ginkaku-ji