The Eastern hills of Kyoto

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Higashiyama is a ward located on the East of Kyoto, at the bottom of the eponymous mountain. This traditional district is loved by tourists for its typical architecture, its magnificent temples and paved streets where are gathered many restaurants, cafés and craft shops.

We include in this list of visits the whole promenade delimited by Daimonji Mount on the extreme North-East on the one side, until Kiyomizudera temple further down (almost at the height of Kyoto train station) on the other side, in a parallel axis with the Kamo river.

The Biwa canal comes to divide these two approaches, one as charming as the other.

For some, this vast zone is limited to Higashiyama, but its frontiers being quite blurry, we can include the magnificent tourist attractions of the North which are pleasant additions to this area. It would be possible to choose among all of this broad Eastern side of Kyoto to organize one to two long days of gorgeous discoveries in the former capital.

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In the streets of Higashiyama: “hanatoro” illuminations during about ten days each year in mid-March

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