Okayama Castle, Castle's Keep

Okayama Castle

The Black Castle with Shiny Gilding

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Okayama Castle is a Japanese fortified monument located in the eponymous city and prefecture. Completed in 1597, the construction is characterized by its color as black as a raven. Standing on the bank of Asahi River, the dungeon tower provides an easy tour of its 6 floors.

Okayama Castle 🏯 is worth the detour both for its keep and its location. The castle is to be admired as soon as the remains of the defensive walls, among which it is possible to walk, and discover the Golden Crow Castle.

U-jo, the main keep is particularly striking and not only because of its characteristic black color. Its gilding make it shine as new: it was indeed achieved at the end of the 16th century but destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1966. Major renovation works were also carried out recently, with the Castle reopening on November 3, 2022.

Several points of view are available on Okayama Castle, from the route from the center of the city, from Asahi River downward or from the must-see garden Koraku-en located next to it.

But the most surprising is inside the keep: the visit starts by taking a lift to the fourth floor. Thanks to its modern reconstruction, the castle hides a modern comfort that can be startling. Its top floor offers a wonderful view on the city and the Japanese garden below.

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By Kanpai Updated on April 04, 2024 Château d'Okayama