Tsuruoka, Chidokan


The Traditional City in Shonai Region

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Tsuruoka is the second largest city in Yamagata prefecture, and is located on the shore of the Sea of Japan in Tohoku region on Honshu Island. Its touristic attractions date back to Edo period (1603 – 1868) and will please amateurs of Japanese traditional culture. It was listed by the UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy.

Tsuruoka city started to enjoy prosperity from Edo period, as it was included in the Shonai domain, ruled by lord Sakai, one of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s four generals. The city reunited the cultures of Edo, Kyoto and Osaka thanks to the commercial roads that crossed it, as well as Tohoku’s culture.

Marvelous sites are available to discovery in or near Tsuruoka, such as the three sacred mountains Dewa Sanzan and the pagoda located in the heart of Mount Haguro; or Kamo Kurage, an aquarium renowned for hosting the largest number of jellyfishes in the world. The Chidokan, a museum dedicated to the history of an ancient school for samurais, is of an easy access from the station.

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