Tokyo's skyline observation deck from I-Link Tower, Chiba

I-Link Tower

A beautiful view of Tokyo’s skyline

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I-Link Town is a two-tower building that stands in front of Ichikawa City’s JR station in Chiba Prefecture at the border of Tokyo. On the top floors of the West I-Link tower, a free observation desk offers a large panoramic view of the Tokyo area and Mount Fuji. The pleasant urban views will delight amateur photographers.

Even connoisseurs of Tokyo’s observatories can enjoy the I-Link Tower, as it allows visitors to discover other equally fascinating scenes of the Tokyo megalopolis. Although not located in the capital, I-Link Tower is only 20 minutes by train 🚅 from the eastern part of downtown Tokyo. About 800 meters away, the Edogawa River forms a natural border between Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture.

For visitors arriving at Ichikawa JR Station, the West Tower, the higher of the two, is easy to find. To access the observation deck, take the 3rd-floor elevator to the 45th floor. The glass elevator offers a first glance at the view as you move toward the top. The place is far from overcrowded, so it is quite nice to visit.

The observation deck is 150 meters high and also includes a small but enjoyable cafeteria with a large picture window. The main viewing space is larger and closed by windows to protect visitors from the weather. There are a couple of benches, with information leaflets at disposal. Visitors are welcome to rest a few moments while admiring a unique and fascinating view of Tokyo. Finally, a last flight ✈️ of stairs climbs to the upper viewing deck, which offers a 360° panoramic view of the Chiba suburb and Saitama, the northern suburb of Tokyo.

I-Link Tower, Chiba, Night view of Tokyo

As dusk falls, when the weather is clear (mainly in winter), the place becomes increasingly popular. The sky’s colors change from orange to violet by the minute and embellish the scenery, creating a new depth of contrast with Tokyo’s skyline and the famous Tokyo Sky Tree.

Budding photographers will find the best spots on the northwest end of the upper viewing deck, where they can take the best pictures of the sunset behind Tokyo and Mount Fuji 🗻. This is the reason to visit the I-Link Tower despite the distance. The place is indeed located at about fifteen kilometers from Tokyo and more than a hundred kilometers from Mount Fuji.

The use of a tripod is allowed only a few days during the month, so it is best to check before visiting I-Link Tower. Nevertheless, there are always tricks, such as using the window frame as a stabilizing device. However, a consequent zoom lens or a full-frame camera 📷 will better capture this marvelous sight. Please note that the panorama may seem flat to a naked eye in comparison to the pictures, but it is still a beautiful view.

While in the area, visitors can also explore Hokekyoji, a Buddhist temple founded during the Kamakura period (1185-1333) and located in eastern Ichikawa City.

In the northwest, near the Edogawa River, the garden of Satomi Park commemorates a famous battle between the Satomi and the Hojo clans, and this beautiful green area is an ideal place for relaxation.

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