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Chiba is the next door prefecture of the Japanese capital, covering the whole south-east of the Kanto region. It makes the direct link between Tokyo and the Pacific Ocean. Its name literally means "a thousand leaves". With its 6.2 million inhabitants, it is notably famous for its fruits and flowers crops, and also for being the home of Narita international airport.

We find there quite a big number of touristy attractions that visitors think of being part of Tokyo, while they are only part of its region. However, the transportation network is still so dense that it is totally possible to be confused.

While going away from the megalopolis, we discover more rural zones, totally surprising, up to Boso peninsula in the South, with its mix of mountains, forests and broad ocean coasts, creating sometimes more or less quiet beaches.

Chiba is the mother region of numerous industries, particularly in food, and possess a vast agricultural domain. We also find there Narita international airport, in the eponymous city

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