Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park

Fuji-Q Highland

Mount Fuji’s Amusement Park

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Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located in Fujiyoshida City near the northern side of Mount Fuji. The park houses a few record-breaking attractions, including some of the fastest rides in the world. Fuji-Q is very busy during the peak of tourist season but never fails to satisfy thrill seekers. It is the perfect place to visit with family, as the various attractions cater to anyone’s tastes.

Since its opening in 1968, Fuji-Q Highland has never ceased to entertain the public with some of the biggest rides in the world. Even a simple stroll there is already unconventional because Mount Fuji 🗻 is omnipresent and feels like the guardian deity of the park. Incidentally, several attractions are dedicated to the volcano 🌋. For example, the Shining Flower Ferris wheel is the perfect observation point for the surrounding landscape, and, in winter, Mount Fuji offers a picturesque background to the large Ice Skating Rink.

Naturally, Fuji-Q Highland offers quite traditional rides, such as a roundabout, giant teacups, and swing rides. There is also a vertical fall 🍁 and even an Ultralight simulator, which has wings and a seat that can be controlled.

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The reference for roller coasters and the most terrifying haunted house

The most interesting part of Fuji-Q nonetheless lies in its roller coasters. Several of them have broken world records. One of the main attractions, the Fuji Yama, opened in 1996 and, at the time, was the highest and fastest roller coaster in the world, with a fall of 70 meters and a top speed of 130 km/h. It was topped in 2017 by the Dododonpa, with a top speed of 180 km/h. Note however, these attractions are only accessible to persons of a minimum height of 120 or 130 cm, and some can be closed depending on wind conditions without any discount on the park entrance fee.

Fuji-Q Highland also houses very interesting attractions, such as one of the biggest and most frightening horror houses in the world: The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear. It is 3,000 m² and is divided into several rooms where the staff takes much pleasure in terrorizing visitors. The place is so scary that it is even recommended to not enter the premises alone. Another popular attraction is the Desperation Fortress, where participants must accomplish mission-type games to retrieve a mysterious "black box." The challenge is so hard that nobody has succeeded in clearing it—yet. As those attractions are very popular, there is usually a wait of 1–1,5 hours for access.

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Thematic worlds for the fans

Anime amateurs can visit an attraction based on GeGeGe no Kitaro, and there are many activities in Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village. A space was dedicated to Evangelion but it definitely closed in May 2021 to allow the construction of new roller coasters. Small children can also enjoy Fuji-Q Highland with a space and a themed-café based on the book Gaspard et Lisa and the nice outdoor reconstruction of Thomas Land.

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, View on Mount Fuji

The best way to discover the park

It is quite difficult to visit all the iconic attractions of the park in only one day because it is often crowded, especially on the weekends. Moreover, most of the rides are outdoor, and the wait can be tedious due to the cold weather in winter and the high temperatures in summer. The most popular attractions can even be closed 2 to 3 hours before the park’s closing time during the peak period.

It is possible to go back to Tokyo at night courtesy of the numerous buses, which must be booked in advance. At approximately 5 p.m. in winter, and a little bit later in summer, the view of Mount Fuji at sunset from the park is worth the wait. Fuji-Q Highland deserves its reputation at the national and international levels; therefore, it is advisable to avoid visiting the park on weekends in the summer and during the Golden Week in May, which are the tourist season’s peaks.

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