The heart of Japan, between Kanto and Kansai regions

Chubu is a central region of the main island of Honshu, dressed up by the Japanese Alps, with Mt Fuji as the dominant landscape. Made of nine prefectures, its biggest cities are Niigata and Nagano in the North, Nagoya in the South and Kanazawa on the North-Western coast.

The Chubu region is also the link between the two super famous regions, the Kanto (home of Tokyo) and the Kansai (with Kyoto and Osaka among others).

Barely known as a whole, we can find in Chubu some golden visits, more or less accessible, which can constitute excellent itineraries' stopovers, between the essential and classical cities of Japan.

Mt Fuji plays as a gravitational point of Chubu’s visits, by being the heart of their landscapes.

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