Japan October-November 2019

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Im turning 30 this year and wanted to celebrate my birthday in Japan. This is gonna be my first time travelling/solo backpacking. Gonna be in Osaka/Kyoto 10/11-10/18 and spend 2 weeks in Tokyo afterwards. Gonna be staying in Akasaka and enjoy the Halloween madness in Shibuya. Im looking for anyone thats gonna be in the area that im gonna be in during those days to hang out with and enjoy the culture

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June 29, 2019
06:46 EDT

I will be available in the area during that Time, lets hang out!

July 21, 2019
20:29 EDT

Me and my buddy are going to be in the area as well, we could join in the festivities

August 15, 2019
21:20 EDT

Are you gonna be dressing up for Halloween? I'm down!!

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