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Japanese Culture

Between Tradition and Modernity?

Japanese culture is certainly the most fascinating aspect of the archipelago and makes a large part of its attractiveness while exciting imaginations. However, the scope of culture is vast, and the term can coin two different but nonetheless complementary aspects, that do not necessarily appeal to the same public.

Contemporary pop’ culture

Japanese pop’ culture is the country’s soft power, one of the most exported in the world, with a strong identity. It includes:

As well as many other topics on which we will share our analysis.

Traditional culture

Traditional culture may be considered elitist or difficult, but it is inseparable from pop’ culture of which it constitutes the roots. We will introduce, among other things:

  • Literature and the different forms of Japanese theater;
  • Traditional arts, such as ikebana or tea ceremony;
  • Traditional festivals and customs;
  • Etc.
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