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The Japanese Game Market

History usually evokes Pong (Atari - 1972) as the first video game knowing a great success among the public. A few years later, Japanese companies arrived on the main stage especially with Space Invaders (Taito - 1978) followed by Pac-Man (Namco - 1980).

Kyoto’s Nintendo really arrived on the video game industry with the Game & Watch and then Donkey Kong (1981) by Shigeru Miyamoto. In 1983 was released the first home console, the Famicom/NES, joined a year after by the Mark III from Sega. This latter disappeared in 2001 and withdrew from the construction marketing, seven years after the triumphal arrival of Sony.

After its Golden Age in the 1990’s, the Japanese video game met a downturn in the 2000’s, however compensated by its good health on the mobile and portable sectors. However, Nintendo and PlayStation consoles still remained on the worldwide top, versus the American Xbox (Microsoft).

On the Japanese territory, it is now the mobile/smartphone fame which crushes the gaming console industry. In 2017, it was 3 times bigger than the gaming console market.

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