JR Pass and travel passes in Japan

The Key to Efficient Travels

Transportation in Japan can be quite expensive, especially for travelers wishing to see many places in the country and visit by train several cities that can be far apart. When planning the trip, prospective visitors are therefore looking for an efficient solution combining easy travel and affordable fare.

To address the cost convenient, Japan Railways Group and many private train companies have created numerous fixed-prices solutions to provide unlimited trips on specific lines, or at least considerable discounts on some travel fares.

The most famous is the Japan Rail Pass, exclusively aimed at foreign tourists, but there are numerous other local passes, that can also be very cost-effective.

In parallel, the Suica Card is a travel card designed to facilitate the use of transportation in Japan without the need to buy individual tickets for each trip. It can be used for example in the subway and aboard city buses. Similar prepaid chip cards or digital wallets are also provided by various regional transportation services, such as Pasmo, ICOCA, Manaca, SUGOCA or PiTaPa (with deferred payment).

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