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Chojiro Shijo Kiyamachi

The Upscale Sushi Bar in Downtown Kyoto

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Chojiro is the name of a conveyor belt sushi restaurants chain in Japan. One of the most popular of its restaurants is in Shimogyo ward, in downtown Kyoto. Chojiro Shijo Kiyamachi is a good kaiten-zushi, with a wide range of fresh fishes and seasonal seafood and an offer of cooked Japanese dishes as well.

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The restaurant Chojiro Shijo Kiyamachi but the Chojiro chain is still operating in Japan

Kyoto is naturally home to many traditional small shops that make the atmosphere of the city, but more contemporary-style restaurants are also easy to find. One of them is Chojiro, a good sushi 🍣-bar, ideally located almost in the center of the city, between the main shopping arcades of Nishiki, Gion and Yasaka shrine.

Its discreet storefront opens on a simple stairway that one must go down to access the restaurant. Located at the basement floor, it consists of a recent, clean room, an entirely non-smoking area. The kaiten (conveyor belt) serves 10 customers seating along the counter, and 8 tables of 3 to 4 seating each. Therefore, it is not usual for a line to form at the entrance of the restaurant, and for customers to wait nearly one hour to be able to take a seat, especially on the evening.

Menus at Chojiro are displayed on touch panels placed on each table. It is also possible to directly ask the chefs for recommendation. However, digital tablets offer the advantage of a menu display in English, more convenient for foreign customers. Aside the classical dishes, the menu varies according to the season and the daily supply of fish.

As for budget necessities (taxes not included), prices vary:

  • From ¥120 (~US$0.79) to ¥650 (~US$4.27) for 2 to 3 items plates: nigiri, maki, sashimi;
  • Up to ¥2,230 (~US$14.65) the sushi set: 10 items + a miso soup for the most expensive.

It is also possible to enjoy tempura, salads, soups and udon, and even fries for children (who can also be seated on highchairs)!

Portions are not over-generous but are sufficient. As for the taste and quality of the dishes, they all are in the upper range for this type of restaurant. On a side note, interesting for foreign tourists, it is possible to pay with bank card 💳.

Aside the one in Kiyamachi, Chojiro chain owns several dozens of restaurants, most of which located in Kansai area (mainly around Kyoto and Osaka), and a handful in Tokyo (in the western part of the capital).

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