Yasaka Jinja

The great shrine of Gion

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Yasaka Jinja is a Shinto Shrine located at the end of the large Shijo-dori shopping avenue, east of Gion, Kyoto's most famous district. From its former name, the "sanctuary of Gion" brings together the cheering crowd during its big summer matsuri.

Yasaka is a Shinto Shrine (jinja) located in the heart of the famous district of Gion in Kyoto. In fact, it so much is that you can also refer to it as the "Gion Shrine", its former name. Built during the seventh century, it was modified in the seventeenth to reach its present form. Yasaka-jinja is dedicated to Susano, god of the oceans, one of Japanese mythology protagonists.

The shrine is located east of the district, at the end of Shijo-dori shopping avenue. Yasaka-jinja is particularly famous for hosting the path of the famous Gion Matsuri every summer in July, as well as celebrations of new year's eve. The Japanese also go through Yasaka during April to get to Maruyama Park, in order to attend Ohanami (sakura 🌸 cherry blossoms).

Let's take a tour of Yasaka Jinja.

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