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Okochi Sanso

The refined garden of a star’s villa

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Okochi Sanso is a private house composed of a villa and a Japanese garden, located in Arashiyama, in the Sagano district, in the northwest part of Kyoto. Visiting the outdoors meets all the expectations of travelers looking for calm and aesthetics in the display of green spaces.

Japanese garden amateurs will be delighted by this discovery, a green area settled in the side of a hill (Mont Ogura), only a few meters away from the lively Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

Protected from the massive touristy crowd thanks to its onerous entrance fee, the private alleys of Okochi Sanso keep their tranquility year-round. We owe this remarkable villa to the investment of its owner, Okochi Denjiro (1898-1962), who devoted about thirty years and most of his wealth to the building and maintenance of his beloved home. Today, this former movie star of jidai-geki (historical movies about samurai) presents to curious travelers a historical promenade, full of charm.

The garden itself spreads across 5 acres (2 hectares), making it easy to get lost in the various pavilions and sinuous paths. Diving into the surrounding forests reveals the beauty of the site, which results in incorporating background landscape into the composition of a man-made garden: a specific style called shakkei, meaning "borrowed scenery."

The green shades change depending on the season, with the trees’ leaves, the carpet of moss, the lawn, and more groves. Flowers are quite rare, and it is advised to come when the cherry trees 🌸 are blossoming or during fall 🍁, when the colors are beautiful, changing from pink to red and orange.

The views from Mount Hiei, Daimon-ji, and Mt Arashi, surrounding Kyoto, offer delightful panoramas with clear skies. When fall arrives, the mountains can be hidden in the mist evaporating from the Hozu river nestled below.

The indoors of the villa are not open to the public. However, it is possible to taste matcha tea offered during the visit outside or in a specific room, bordered by trees and bamboo.

Okochi Sanso introduced a good idea for a visit at the end of the day, smoothly finishing a long day of walking around the northwest part of Kyoto.

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By Kanpai Updated on July 22, 2021 Okochi Sanso