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Western Kyoto in Japan is a large zone spread on Ukyo and Nishikyo wards. More rural, it is commonly summarized to Sagano on the North-West, up to the surroundings of Katsura River in the South-West.

The big zone on the West of Kyoto is commonly summarized to Sagano and this is for a reason: this large rural region is at the edge of a large part of Kyoto.

It is notably home of the very pleasant district of Arashiyama, which acts like an interesting transition between the urban and geometric heart of Kyoto and the never-ending forests of Sagano mountains.

All around and a little in the South, along the railways, some traditionnal hidden gems, more or less accessible, can be discovered and enjoyed by the most provident visitors.

We offer you here to dig into this fascinating side of Kyoto.

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