SDN48: sexier than AKB48

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While the staggering popularity of J-pop group AKB48 is not declining, SDN48 aren't very famous yet. And for good reason, this 'mirror' group of AKB has a special feature, and not the least: their members are not necessarily (very) young Japanese girls but all adult women. Either they weren't chosen as part of the AKB 48 cast because they were too old, or they were transferred from the source group. In all cases, this is an opportunity for the producer and his girls to do something (very) hot, and much more uninhibited than the already sexy 🔞 AKB48...

Created in 2009 by the same producer, Yasushi Akimoto, SDN48 stands for 'Saturday Night'. This means the girls give their show in the same theater in Akihabara in Tokyo, but on saturday nights. The group is divided into three 'teams' and renews its staff as it grows old. Moreover, it was recently disbanded with their 'final' concert on March 31, 2012, before getting new girls. Note that only single songs went out until the first SDN48 album was released a few months ago, as a compilation of all their singles.

But the key point of the group is obviously not its music power: it's still a J-pop soup a little cloying, though it sometimes throws the crudest lyrics:

  • ねえ唇を奪ってほしい強引にね / I want you to take my lips by force (Ai, Chuseyo)
  • 目を閉じて思っていたどんな下着だっけ? / I closed my eyes and thought 'what underwear am I wearing?' (Gagaga)
  • 愛しているのなら私の願い何でも聞いてYesと言って / If you love me, give me everything I want, say yes (Onedari Champagne)

AKB48 had quite a sexy fan-service part indeed, but with the innocent and naive touch. SDN48 are much more frontal and give an image of women who like sex, with is quite rare in Japanese popular culture (AV porn apart, of course). This overtly sexy look comes closer to Korean groups, these stars of K-pop who are becoming more and more powerful in Japan these past years. SDN48 don't hesitate to give themselves out and to strip naked in their video clips or photo shoots, take very suggestive or sapphic poses. Godsend for the otaku seeking something a little more ecchi than AKB48...

Updated on May 07, 2021 SDN48, la version adulte des AKB48