Olympic Rings in front of the Tokyo New National Stadium (Kasumigaoka - Shinjuku)

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Schedule

The Tokyo Olympic stadium designed by architect Kengo Kuma was achieved on 2019, November 19 and stands in Kasumigaoka, in Shinjuku area. This new stadium is ready to receive the 60,000 spectators who will attend the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games 🏅 opening and ending ceremonies, on 2020, July 24 and August 9. The stadium will be the Olympic venue for the athletics (from July 31) and soccer (finals on August 8) competitions.

In April 2019, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) unveiled a quite heavy competition program for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with a record-breaking number of 339 sport events for 33 types of sports. Five new sports were introduced among the Olympic sports: baseball / softball, skateboard, surfing, sport climbing, and karate. They idea stemmed from the Japanese organization’s wish to promote sports keeping up with their time and attracting a younger, more dynamic public.

The first softball and soccer competitions will begin two days before the official start of the Olympics, on 2020, July 22. Among the most important days of finals, August first weekend will see a "super Saturday", on August 1, with the awarding of 21 gold medals; then on August 2, the "golden Sunday", with 26 events to take place and award medals. Finally, on August 8, will see the final’s day for 30 sports.

Below is a schedule overview for men and women competitions in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, as well as the venue for each of them:

Olympic Sports Comptition Days Finals Days Venues
Aquatics: Artistic Swimming August 3-4 and 7 August 5 and 8 Tokyo Aquatics Center (Tokyo Bay)
Aquatics: Diving July 31 and August 1, 3, 5 and 7 July 26-29 and August 2, 4, 6 and 8 Tokyo Aquatics Center (Tokyo Bay)
Aquatics: Marathon Swimming / August 5 and 6 Odaiba Marine Park (Tokyo Bay)
Aquatics: Swimming July 25 July 26-August 2 Tokyo Aquatics Center (Tokyo Bay)
Aquatics: Water-polo July 25-August 7 August 8 and 9 Tatsumi Water Polo Center (Tokyo Bay)
Archery July 24 and July 28-30 July 25-27, July 31 and August 1 Yumenoshima Park Archery Field (Tokyo Bay)
Athletics: Track & Field / July 31–August 8 Olympic Stadium (Central Tokyo)
Athletics: Marathon / August 8 and 9 Sapporo Odori Park (Sapporo)
Athletics: Race Walk / August 6 and 7 Sapporo Odori Park (Sapporo)
Badminton July 25-July 30 July 31-August 3 Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (Western Tokyo)
Baseball July 29-August 6 August 8 Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium and Yokohama Stadium
Basketball July 26-August 7 August 8 and 9 Saitama Super Arena (Northern Tokyo)
Basketball 3x3 July 25-July 28 July 29 Aomi Urban Sports Park (Tokyo Bay)
Beach 🏖 Volleyball July 25-August 6 August 7 and 8 Shiokaze Park (Tokyo Bay)
Boxing July 25-August 2 August 4-9 Kokugikan Arena (Central Tokyo)
Canoe Slalom July 26 and 29 July 27, 28, 30 and 31 Kasai Canoe Slalom Center (Tokyo Bay)
Canoe Sprint August 3, 5 and 7 August 4, 6 and 8 Sea Forest Waterway (Tokyo Bay)
Cycling: BMX Freestyle and Racing July 30 and August 1 July 31 and August 2 Ariake Urban Sports Park (Tokyo Bay)
Cycling: Moutain Bike 🚲 / July 27 and 28 Izu MTB Course (Shizuoka)
Cycling: Road / July 25, 26 and 29 Musashinonomori Park (Western Tokyo) and Fuji 🗻 International Speedway (Shizuoka)
Cycling: Track / August 3-9 Izu Velodrome (Shizuoka)
Equestrian (dressage, eventing and jumping) July 25, 26 and 31 and August 1-2, 4 and 7 July 28 and 29 and August 3, 5 and 8 Equestrian Park and Sea-Forest Cross Country Course (Western Tokyo)
Fencing / July 25-August 2 Makuhari Messe (Tokyo Bay)
Football (Soccer) July 22-23, 25-26, 28-29 and 31; August 1, 3-4 and 6 August 6-8 Olympic Stadium, Tokyo Stadium, Sapporo Dome and Saitama, Miyagi, Ibaraki Kashima and Yokohama Stadiums
Golf July 31-August 1 and August 5 to 7 August 2 and 8 Kasumigaseki Country Club (Kawagoe)
Gymnastics: Artistic July 25 and 26 July 27-30 and August 2-4 Ariake Gymnastics Centre (Tokyo Bay)
Gymnastics: Rhythmic August 7 August 8 and 9 Ariake Gymnastics Centre (Tokyo Bay)
Gymnastics: Trampoline / July 31 and August 1 Ariake Gymnastics Centre (Tokyo Bay)
Handball July 25-August 7 August 8 and 9 Yoyogi National Stadium (Central Tokyo)
Hockey July 25-August 5 August 6 and 7 Oi Hockey Stadium (Tokyo Bay)
Judo / July 25-August 1 Nippon Budokan (Central Tokyo)
Karate / August 6-8 Nippon Budokan (Central Tokyo)
Modern Pentathlon August 6 August 7 and 8 Tokyo Stadium and Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (Western Tokyo)
Rowing July 24-July 27 July 28-July 31 Sea Forest Waterway (Tokyo Bay)
Rugby Sevens July 27-28 and July 30-31 July 29 and August 1 Tokyo Stadium (Central Tokyo)
Sailing July 26-31 August 1-5 Enoshima Yacht Harbour (Enoshima)
Shooting (rifle & pistol and shotgun) July 26, 29, 30 and August 2 July 25, 26, 28 and 31 and August 3 Asaka Shooting Range (Western Tokyo)
Skateboarding (Street and Park) / July 26-27 and August 5-6 Ariake Urban Sports Park (Tokyo Bay)
Softball July 22-23 and July 25 to 27 July 28 Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium
Sport Climbing August 4 and 5 August 6 and 7 Aomi Urban Sports Park (Tokyo Bay)
Surfing July 26-28 July 29 Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach (Chiba, Pacific Coast)
Table Tennis July 25-26 and July 28-29; August 2-5 July 27 and 30-31 and August 6-7 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Taekwondo / July 25-28 Makuhari Messe (Tokyo Bay)
Tennis July 25-30 July 31-August 2 Ariake Tennis Park (Tokyo Bay)
Triathlon / July 27-28 and August 1 Odaiba Marine Park (Tokyo Bay)
Volleyball July 25-August 7 August 8 and 9 Ariake Arena (Tokyo Bay)
Weightlifting / July 25-29 and August 1-5 Tokyo International Forum (Central Tokyo)
Wrestling August 2 August 3-8 Makuhari Messe (Tokyo Bay)

The schedule may change due to weather conditions, especially for Sailing and Surfing events for which the wind is paramount. Latest updates can be checked on the Olympics Official Website.

For those who wish to attend some of the events in Japan, it is possible to buy tickets from the Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATR) in foreign countries, such as cosport in the United States, or travel.teamgblive in Great Britain.

As for Japanese residents, they had a chance to win tickets during two sessions of a National Lottery (in May 2019 and in November 2019). The results of the second lottery have been published on 2019, December 18.

It will be possible to live stream the competitions thanks to The Olympic Channel, a streaming television service operated by the International Olympic Committee. Traditional broadcasting networks and televisions, like Eurosport or NBC will also cover the Olympics.

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