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The city of Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan south of Tokyo, is a popular tourist destination thanks to its great Buddha or its many temples and shrines. Nearby is the peninsula of Enoshima, also very touristy but for other reasons. To reach it, take the charming little Enoden train line that runs along the seafront. But first, try the Shonan suspended monorail from Ofuna, it is quite fun!

A lot of people visiting Tokyo spend one day in Kamakura. Close to Kamakura is the Enoshima peninsula, also very touristy but for other reasons. To get there, take the charming Enoden train line that runs along the sea. But first, try the Shonan suspended monorail from Ofuna (300 yen), it is quite fun! From Shinjuku to Ofuna, it takes 40 minutes and costs than 800 yen.

Enoshima Station is a few thousand feet from the peninsula. This is the opportunity to go through Fujisawa and its shopping street. In the end, near the bridge that connects Honshu to Enoshima, skaters show their tricks on the esplanades and bikers make their engines roar. With its palm trees, tattooed and tanned surfers running around shirtless, Enoshima easily gets its resort reputation. On each side of the bridge are the Kugenuma beaches, very popular with young Tokyoites for their proximity from the capital. There are indeed few families, but a 'young adult friends' atmosphere : touts that lead to the sand bars, J-pop glaring in speakers all along the beach, etc.

For those who do not want to idle on the beach, Enoshima has a other tourist attractions to offer. First, a pleasant stroll among several Shinto sanctuaries, reachable by escalators. Above, the Samuel Cocking Garden is smaller than I expected, but it has a tower that provides access to a beautiful view of Enoshima. Save 750 yen for the combo: escalators + park + observatory. There are also Iwaya caves to visit at the rear of the island.

Finally, the culinary specialty of Enoshima is the 'Shirasu', tiny fish that is served with local ramen and other dishes.

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How to get to Enoshima

By train -- 24 minutes from Kamakura (¥260 / ~US$ 2.40) or 11 minutes from Fujisawa (¥220 / ~US$ 2.00) on Enoden line

About 1 hour total from Tokyo (JR lines until Kamakura)

Location reachable with the JRP : order your Japan Rail Pass (from ~US$ 279)

How long / when to visit

Feasible in half a day to stack it with Kamakura

Count one whole day to see more things and at a better pace

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Weather in Kamakura

25 / 28°C
16 / 26°C

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