Super Potato

The retrogaming temple in Akihabara

Super Potato is a reference retro-gaming retailer, located in Akihabara, the electronic district bordered by Chiyoda and Taito wards, northeast of Tokyo. This shop is only dedicated to video games and consoles with a preference for the older ones.

Only an aware audience will immediately know about this store! So far, nothing exceptional. And yet it happens to be one of the most popular places to shop for old video games. So retro that sometimes, while wandering around, it is hard to recognize games or consoles! It is definitely unique and pleasant to still see for sale video games, consoles and accessories of older generation in excellent condition, sometimes even new, for (generally) fair prices. A treasure chest for passionate people.

The tone is directly given from the front of its building. A location which, without Google Maps, can be quite tricky to find, nestled in a narrow street, not so far from the Yodobashi store, but if you do not have any map, you will search for a few minutes… Luckily, a WiFi spot is available in the area and some mobile app map will save you!

Divided into five floors, the store ends up by a small arcade games room on the upper floor. We do recommend you to take the stairs at least once, they are worth being seen! And inside the shop, all posters and tags are illustrated by hand. This handmade aspect is definitely seducing.

Overall, if you do not have the soul of a child in a toy store or a little geek side, this retailer will not talk to you so much. Yet, it does appear in most documentaries dedicated to pop culture in Japan. Inside, a huge Mario statue and a gigantic first generation Game Boy are good reasons for a short photo break, between testing some videogames. Obviously, they are in Japanese language!

Pay attention to prices which largely increased since the 2000s with the influx of foreign gamers.

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How to get to Super Potato

By JR train -- from the main Akihabara avenue, in front of Game Station building, walk along the side via the narrow street parallel to the main artery (West side), then turn left and continue for few meters

By taxi -- Address: 11-2 Kitabayashi building - Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Location reachable with the JRP : order your Japan Rail Pass (from ~US$ 281)


Free entrance

Opening hours

Daily open from 10am to 8pm (and from 11am on weekends and public holidays)

In Japanese


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26 / 30°C
24 / 26°C

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