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When speaking about electronic or "otaku" neighborhoods in Tokyo, everyone immediately thinks of Akihabara. "Akiba" might be an inevitable place to visit in the Japanese capital, but we often forget to talk about Nakano Broadway.

Located just outside of the eponymous subway station (west of Tokyo, northwest of Shinjuku), this is a long multi-story shopping mall which provides many different stores. Less known than many other areas of Tokyo, Nakano is therefore less visited by "gaijin" people (Westernerns), contrary to Akihabara.

One of the key points of Nakano Broadway is Mandarake, a famous Japanese pop culture shop where they sell a lot of manga. But many other small shops offer for sale anime figures, goodies (called "goods") and other products, up to naked Japanese dolls to customize if your budget allows you to.

But the mall is not reserved only for otaku, and there are also clothing, shoes, bags and others stores, located in the basement.

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How to get to Nakano Broadway

By train -- JR Chuo line, Nakano station then 5 minutes walk

By subway -- Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Nakano station (T01) then 5 minutes walk

Opening hours

Shops generally open from 10-11am (Mandarake from noon)

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Official website (in English)

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