Yebisu Garden Place

The small restaurant village in western Tokyo

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As seen with Roppongi Hills, Tokyo likes to build "cities within the city" and Yebisu Garden Place is a very nice one. Located on the Yamanote train 🚅 line, in the district of Shibuya southwest of the capital, Ebisu is named after the Shinto god of fishermen. In Japanese mythology, he's associated with prosperity. The eponymous district of Tokyo is known for its nightlife with numerous clubs and izakaya bars.

Inaugurated in 1994, Yebisu Garden Place also provides a lot of restaurants (including the Castle 🏯 Taillvent - Robuchon with three Michelin stars), but also department stores such as the famous Mitsukoshi. Its skyscrapers are home to many offices: the luxurious Westin Tokyo, the French-Japanese Maison or the Yebisu Beer 🍺 Museum (third largest Japanese beer after Asahi and Kirin, brewed since 1890).

A side note for linguists: unlike the name of the district, the Garden Place still uses "ye" ヱ katakana fallen into disuse in modern Japanese.

Leaving Ebisu, I suggest you go back to the north on foot, or via the Hachiko Bus, up to Shibuya to enjoy a nice walk in a more residential and less touristy Tokyo.

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By Kanpai Updated on November 17, 2021 Yebisu Garden Place