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Hey there!
I am in my mid 20's, male and New Zealand born Japanese. I'll be travelling back to the homeland for a few months to travel anywhere and everyewhere in Japan. Itinerary is not presently set. Fleunt in both english and japanese so I should be useful atleast in one way! I am travelling alone but would love someone to travel with to share the experience, even if it is just for a few days.
I am really keen to see the Cherry Blossoms in April/May if anyone is interested and also need someone to go see what the nightlife in Japan is all about.
I'll be in Japan from the 8th of April to July. Possibly longer. If anyone wants to travel, give me a message!

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Martin Daly
March 11, 2019
17:40 EDT

Hi, Not sure this would interest you, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I will be traveling in Japan for three weeks beginning on 11 April, and starting in Osaka. I plan to spend 3-4 days there, then push off to Fukui and its environ for 3-4 days; Kanazawa and its environs for 3-4 days, Nagano and area for 3-4 days, then, via Nagoya for a day, to Tokyo for 2-3 days. This will be my fourth visit to Japan. My object this time is mainly somewhat touristy things, but not the VERY touristy ones. I want to see castles, temples, shrines, museums, eat the best LOCAL specialities, and yes, see/do the nightlife (especially in Osaka and Tokyo, but wherever). As of now I am traveling solo but I am very open to a partner; I have learned that for ticking off the tourist stuff, solo is fine, but for dinners and nightlife it's always more relaxing and fun to be with people. I know some people in Osaka and Tokyo, and I am in touch with some volunteer guides in other places. Now, about me: I am a semi-retired university professor in my 50s, a historian and widely published writer, a world traveler, and have various interests (art, architecture, sports (including baseball in Japan), food, drink, local culture(s), etc. I do not speak Japanese, and I'd be willing to go easy on some of the expenses in exchange for translation services! In the places I have mentioned I have a number of things in mind to see and do and could go into detail if you are interested. I have bought a JR Pass and, whatever your plans, you might consider one or several for your stay - (and buy it/them in advance). If part or all of this interests you, do please let me know. I will post my personal e-mail here - not sure it will go through to you but if not I hope to hear from you via the website. Thanks, Jack (in San Diego, California, jr1234554@yahoo.com).

March 12, 2019
17:16 EDT

Hi Jack/Martin

Your offer is quite appealing. I will already be in Osaka when you arrive in Japan so that is handy. Just wondering what you are expecting expenses wise and what kind of JR pass you bought because I know they are quite expensive. Your travel plan seems to be perfect for me so I would like to keep in touch. Look forward to hearing from you.

Martin Daly
March 12, 2019
18:08 EDT

Thanks for the reply. I am very confused about the messaging service of this site. I have re-read the requirements and found that they don't want users to post e-mail addresses. In that case, however, how are we meant to arrange to meet? Through public posts? Perhaps, using your Japanese language, you could inquire? Did my e-mail address as given in my previous message reach you? In any case, it does look as though we have complementary travel plans, starting in Osaka. I'd like to go into more details, either through e-mail or skype or some other way, but I do not want to post detailed travel plans, expenses, etc. publicly. Can you enlighten me about how this "Kanpai" site operates - that is, if you get this message?

March 12, 2019
18:31 EDT

Yeah I received your email address. That’s fair enough. I will try to send you a message through the email address you sent me and try go from there.

March 14, 2019
13:41 EDT

Hey! I am currently planning my trip, and since I don’t have anyone to go with, I’m trying my best to find some company before I set anything. It will be my first time in Japan, and I am thinking about going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. It will be quite a short trip, no more than a week and I’ll be flying from another Asian country since that’s where I’ll be at the time. I am from Scandinavia, and just currently traveling. 20 years old btw!

March 14, 2019
14:19 EDT

Hi. Thanks for the reply. It isn't clear to me whether you can see my earlier replies to another traveler or whether those are visible only to me. So right now I will tell you just the basics about my own plan rather than details, and await your response. I will fly into Osaka on Thursday, 11 April. I am planning to stay there four days, during which I might make day trips to Kyoto and Nara (both of which I have visited in the past) and Kobe (for the first time). Then I plan to go to Fukui, Kanazawa and Nagano before ending up in Tokyo. My total time in Japan will be 17-18 days (I lave from Tokyo, by ship, on the 28th). If any part of this sounds to you like something you'd care to join, let me know. And of course I'd be glad to meet up at any point for a meal, drinks, a night on the town, etc. By the way, which country are you from? (My mother was Swedish and I have been several times to Norway and Denmark). Cheers, Martin

March 14, 2019
15:01 EDT

Ah I see! I’d love to see all those places but unfortunately I can’t stay for that long. But I could maybe meet up at some point in either Osaka or Tokyo, depending on what my plans will look like and if I’ll be there at that time. And I am from Sweden! How nice! What are the chances haha.
Would you mind sharing your IG handle, if you have one?

March 14, 2019
15:08 EDT

Oh I thought this was from the original poster. Was reaching out to them
specifically. Sorry about that!

March 17, 2019
10:21 EDT

Hey, i will be traveling from may 1-15. This will be my first time in japan , i will be landing in tokyo and visiting hirosaki ( for the cherry blossom festival ) osaka and kyoto. I am i from NYC , mid 30s male. Would be great as you mentioned to meet up possibly for some nightlife activites , also planning to do many attractions such as temples , festivals , theater etc and wouldnt mind having company if we can coordinate something for the dates i will be there. Currently my itinerary

Tokyo - may 1-4
Hirosaki park - may 4-5
Osaka - may 5-7
Kyoto- may 7-11
Tokyo- may 11-15

I will be using the jr pass for all traveling except for commute between hirosaki and osaka which i will arrive on a flight

Let me know if you would like to make some plans

March 29, 2019
11:38 EDT

The Cherry Blossoms are opening now in the southern half of Japan. For anyone: map showing dates and bloom status shown is here - https://www.japan-guide.com/sakura/
You may consider searching for "flower festivals" to find other mass planting in bloom. Azaleas might still be in bloom, and a festival is in Tokyo/Ueno area. Also, a Wisteria Festival is in Tokyo, not far from the SkyTree Tower. But almost all stone fruit trees (whether fruit-bearing or not) are past in May, unless you go to the far northern island (Sapporo/Hakodate).

Patricia Lee
March 28, 2019
11:32 EDT

Hello, I am on a solo travel from April 7th through the 13th. Flying in from Texas. Planning a stay in Umeda or Namba area and seeing kyoto and Kobe... I had a short stay the last year so would like to revisit. Let me know if you are interested in being a travel mate.

Cheng Yao
April 07, 2019
20:04 EDT

any room for someone looking to visit japan in july? Looking for someone who knows the way around so i dont get lost :P Finances wont be an issue. Whatever the group does i will be able to do!

Xiaoxiao Qiu
April 16, 2019
03:11 EDT

Hi, I am Xiaoxiao, femal, 25. a master design student, I just finished my study in Sweden, and want to explore Japan. I will stay from 18th Apirl - 7 May, I will play the places nearby. if you are interested, we can meet first in Osaka and see if we are going to explore together?

April 16, 2019
04:37 EDT

Hey Xiaoxiao. Yeah sure I would love to meet up. What date would you like to meet up and i will try to keep that day open. I am in Osaka at the moment so it should be quite easy organising a meet! Look forward to hearing from you.

April 16, 2019
07:40 EDT

HI, nice to hear from you ! what about 19th or 20th of April?

April 16, 2019
07:49 EDT

Yup sounds good. Which date suits you better??

April 16, 2019
08:04 EDT

maybe on the 19th of April? we can meet around 15.00 in the center( I haven't been there, I only know the 'running man" pic place;P any subway station recommended in the center? )

April 16, 2019
08:14 EDT

Haha okay. Well the ‘running man’ pic is in Dotombori so just search up how to get there and there is a train station right next to it. There are public toilets right next to the running man and is just short of a big bridge. I can meet you on the bridge at 15.00??

April 16, 2019
08:21 EDT

hmm, I just checked the map and find there are two bridges, in case of making mistake, would you mind me standing under the 'running man' :DDDD (you can find me and text me on ins "searaindy")

April 16, 2019
08:27 EDT

Okay okay haha 15.00 under the running man. Sounds good

April 19, 2019
22:16 EDT

阪急三番街门口 is inside the Umeda, I am heading to the bridge now

April 19, 2019
22:17 EDT


April 16, 2019
08:32 EDT

Is ‘searaindy’ your Instagram??

April 16, 2019
08:35 EDT

yep, it is my ins, but I couldn't log in these days, you can text me just in case you can't find me under the running man ;DD

April 16, 2019
08:51 EDT

I can message you on Instagram...? Will you be able to log in by then...?

April 16, 2019
08:53 EDT

yep!! I just can't use it these two days, will be fine soon, no worries;)) otherwise you have my email;)))

April 18, 2019
08:29 EDT

Hi, I just arrive Osaka , could you give me your ins account ? So I can text you for details

April 18, 2019
08:43 EDT

Yup. Ins is kai.i7
I have very slow internet but I will try follow you now to make it easier

April 19, 2019
22:21 EDT

I am standing on the 梅田新步道桥,in front of the HANSHIN gate

April 19, 2019
22:10 EDT

Hiii, I'm standing in front of the 阪急三番街,i wear all black...my ins can't sent Text suddenly..

April 19, 2019
22:13 EDT

Not Umeda?? Okay there’s a big bridge just outside of the station. Try meet you up there

April 19, 2019
22:22 EDT

Okay I’m wearing a vertical striped shirt and a beige hat. You’ll have to find me

April 19, 2019
22:29 EDT

Okay this is ridiculous. Do you see the big electronic store that says yodobashi Umeda on it?? Just outside on the first floor there is a tent there. I’ll meet you there

April 19, 2019
22:34 EDT

Sorry for the mess, should we meet inside the station, there is a McDonald's in side the station , in front of the 阪急17番街

April 19, 2019
22:37 EDT

think i find the right bridge you are standing , wait a moment

April 19, 2019
22:40 EDT

On the bridge, in front the gate of Lucua

April 19, 2019
22:38 EDT

I'm on the bridge now, my hair tied, all black ..

April 19, 2019
22:41 EDT

Do you see the tent outside the yodobashi Umeda??

April 16, 2019
07:54 EDT

Hello Xiao Xiao, Name is Jeffrey (NY, 36) i also work in design. I posted my itinerary above, although i will only be in osaka for a brief time if you would like we can possibly meet up.

I will be in osaka the evening of May 5th after arriving on a late flight from Amouri and staying until May 7th before departing to Kyoto

May 6th would be a good day for me if you are free and would like to do someactivities. I was planning to go to osaka castle and dotonbori bridge area . We can communicate through email, whats app instagram or whichever method works best for you .

April 16, 2019
08:25 EDT

Hiii, thanks for your reply. I am afraid I will go through most places in Osaka before the 6th of May(since I am leaving on the 7th of May). but if you are not in rush that day and want to meet more design pal and new friends, we can definitely grab a coffee; )

April 16, 2019
09:01 EDT

Ok yes that sounds good :)

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