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Umeda (Kita) is a district located in the North of Osaka, considered as one of the most dynamic of the city along with Namba (Minami) in the South. The business skyscrapers, hotel 🏨 complexes, malls and the huge Osaka train station make up its main landscape.

We tend to sum up the North of Osaka to Umeda and there is a reason to it: the famous district, strong actor on the stage of Osaka, compared to the southern Namba/Tennoji duo, is organized around an enormous train station which is simply called Osaka. Therefore, pay attention not to confuse it with JR Shin-Osaka station, a few kilometers up North, where Shinkansen 🚅 trains stop.

Gathered around this station shared by several companies (and where more than 2 millions passengers travel everyday!), you will find never-ending commercial arcades, supermarkets and malls of all kinds. We can view there 4 of the biggest ones of the city: Daimaru, Isentan, Hanshin and Hankyu. Several big hotels are also located there.

The most modern Japanese architecture played an important role to imagine the most surprising and majestic buildings. We will even discover HEP, a commercial theme park 🎡 in the heart of this fearless urbanism.

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By Kanpai Updated on September 04, 2022 Umeda