Kamigamo-jinja (Kyoto), Romon Gate


The thunder god shrine in Kyoto

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Let's continue our tour of the temples and shrines worth visiting in Kyoto, with the Shinto Kamo set of two shrines, two kilometers away:

  • Kamigamo (upper) and;
  • Shimogamo (lower).

Located north of Kyoto, on the verge of the Kamogawa River, the Kamo-jinja are both listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.


Built in 678, more than a hundred years before Kyoto became imperial capital of Japan (794), Kami-gamo is dedicated to the kami / god of thunder.

It's also known by its official name: Kamo-jinja Wakeikazuchi.


Its official foundation date isn't known, but it dates back to the sixth century, a hundred years before Kami-gamo, making Shimo-gamo one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. It worships the Kamo Wakeikazuchi's mother, Kamo Tamayori-hime and her own father, Kamo Taketsune. It's also known by its official name: Kamo-mioya Jinja.

Shimogamo is located in the "forest of the truth," Tadasu no Mori, a primeval forest that has supposedly never been maintained and has yet survived several fires.

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