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Northern Kyoto

Kurama and its surroundings

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The North of Kyoto in Japan includes Kita and Sakyo wards in the North-East. The area is located above Demachiyanagi, at the division of the Kamo river. Less frequented by tourists, this large area welcomes residential districts and city universities, including the main campus.

These areas are home of some small hidden gems such as the two Kamo brother-shrines. However, it is even higher, while going up by the delicious Eizan line and its gorgeous landscapes, that you can discover a Kyoto with magnificent Northern mountains (known as Kitayama).

Obviously, the whole hike between Kurama and Kibune is an essential to discover, whether for a cultural visit, a real hike or a deserved stopover to rest in an onsen ♨️.

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By Kanpai Updated on August 27, 2020 Nord de Kyoto