Shimogamo-jinja (Kyoto), Shrine's grounds


One of Japan’s Oldest Shrines in Kyoto

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Shimogamo-jinja is an old Shinto shrine from the 12th century, located in the north of Kyoto and the counterpart of Kamigamo-jinja, located a few kilometers away to the north. The thunder god Kamo Wakeikazuchi’s mother Kamo Tamayori-hime and his father Kamo Taketsune are worshipped in this shrine enlisted in the Unesco World Heritage.

Shimogamo’s official foundation date is unclear, but it is considered to date back to the second half of the 7th century. It makes Shimogamo-jinja one the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan, but also in Kyoto. The present-day buildings were built from 1628, and the two main ones were built in 1963.

Shimogamo-jinja is in Tadasu no Mori ("the forest of atonement"), a wood said to be an old-growth forest, never maintained by humans and that survived several fires. A great vermillion torii ⛩️ gate welcomes visitors at its entrance.

Shimogamo-jinja (Kyoto), Mitarashi-ike Pond

The shrine was described by writer Tomihiko Morimi in his novel Uchôten Kazoku (2007), adapted in anime for Japanese television in 2013 as The Eccentric Family.

In March 2015, Shimogamo-jinja struggled to collect the necessary funds to perform the periodical renovations of its buildings, the Shikinen Sengu occurring every 21 years. The necessary budget amounted to ¥3 billion (~27.4 million dollars), to which the Japanese government contributed with a ¥800 million (~7.3 million dollars) subsidy, and many individuals donated. However, the shrine had to put up part of its lands for rent: a luxury apartment complex was constructed in 2017 on an area that was not on the Unesco’s list. With 107 apartments on 3 floors buildings, the 50 years rent contract should provide a ¥80 million (~US$730,087) revenue each year.

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