Mount Fuji Helicopter Tour, Winter view on the sacred mountain from the sky

Mount Fuji Helicopter Tour

🚁🗻 Scenic Flight Over Kofu

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Mount Fuji helicopter cruise is a touristic activity performed by JANET, a civil aviation company, from its Futaba heliport, located in Kai City in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. The 20-minutes flight provides amazing aerial views on the Fuji-san area, above Kofu City and Lake Motosu.

Mount Fuji 🗻 can also be discovered in winter, on a clear weather day, in a helicopter 🚁 flight ✈️ towards Japan’s most famous sacred mountain. Along with its climbing in summer, it is probably one of the best experiences to enjoy Fuji-san. However, it is a rare opportunity, especially as it is a private tour conducted only in Japanese. Non-Japanese speakers should hire an interpreter.

The flight gives a new angle to admire the volcanic cone, as well as panoramic views on the mountain area surrounded by plains dotted with small towns.

Mount Fuji Helicopter Tour, Aerial view on Mount Fuji from Lake Motosu's side

The experience starts at the campus of a Japanese flying school, at Futaba Gliport, its heliport located in Kai, a small town in the vicinity of Kofu, the capital of Yamanashi prefecture. There, the scenic flights company JANET (Japan Aviation Academy Network) welcomes passengers who have booked an air cruise above Mount Fuji’s area.

The flight lasts about 20 minutes with a route towards Motosu-ko, one of the 5 great lakes of the area, and towards Mount Fuji (although it never flies above it). On the way, a clear view unfolds on the urban area formed by the cities of Kai, Chuo, Kofu and Fuefuki, and that is crossed by the Kamanashi River.

From the sky, one can view a Japanese countryside landscape, with low-rise houses among the fields, surrounded by several high mountain ranges. The sight on the wilderness and volcanic view is stunning, and changes according to the seasons, varying from the snowy mountain tops in winter to the lush vegetation of forested hills in summer.

Mount Fuji Helicopter Tour, Aerial view on Yamanashi prefecture's cities and mountains 2

A safe and privatized activity

In addition to the pilot, up to 4 passengers can board the helicopter, but before that there is a short introduction regarding the safety instructions in the aircraft, such as:

  • Taking pictures during the take-off and landing phases is forbidden, as well as pictures of the flying instruments in the cockpit;
  • Smartphones or any connected devices must be in airplane mode;
  • Eating or drinking during the flight is forbidden;
  • Carrying dangerous objects such as a knife or an inflammable substance is forbidden.

The seating of passengers (1 at the front and 3 maximum at the back) is decided by the staff based on each traveler’s weight. The whole experience is under strict supervision and safety measures implemented from the runway, as passengers boarding is made when the helicopter blades are operating.

Mount Fuji Helicopter Tour, A Bell 206B JetRanger III during takeoff

Note that JANET also provides rescue flights for health emergencies in the area. The helicopter used for flying tourists is dedicated to scenic cruises and aerial photography services.

This article was written after a tour sponsored and organized by Kakurinbo. Kanpai has been invited and guided but keeps a total freedom of editorial content.
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By Kanpai Updated on May 17, 2024 Tour en hélicoptère du Mont Fuji