Hisaya Odori (Nagoya), Drone view on the park and the Mirai Tower

Hisaya Odori Park

The Green Space At The Foot Of Nagoya Tower

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Hisaya Odori Park is an urban green space located at the foot of TV broadcasting tower Mirai Tower, in Nagoya’s Sakae district in Japan. This outdoor walk with shopping options opened in 2020 in the heart of the city and has become one of the locals’ favorite place to meet up and share a drink with friends.

Several modernization projects have been achieved in Nagoya’s downtown during the Covid 🦠 pandemic. Hisaya Odori Park, is one of them, inaugurated in autumn 🍁 2020 and extending at the foot of the Mirai Tower, the iconic TV broadcasting tower formerly called "Nagoya TV Tower".

In the same vein as Odori Park at the foot of Sapporo TV Tower, Hisaya Odori stretches in a large strip of rectilinear lawn, in the middle of one of Sakae district’s main avenues in Nagoya. Their similarities are striking and for a good reason, as the 2 towers were designed by Tachu Naito (1886 - 1970). In the 1950s, the Japanese architect drew most of his inspiration from Paris’ Eiffel Tower design to model several similar broadcasting towers in various cities of the archipelago (like the Tokyo Tower 🗼, Tsutenkaku in Osaka or Beppu Tower).

Hisaya Odori (Nagoya), Park at the foot of the Mirai Tower 3

Open-air shopping mall

A little bit longer than 1 kilometer, Hisaya Odori Park unfolds large lawns where people sit for a break or a picnic. The Mirai Tower, with its elevated observatory over Sakae, is standing in the park, along with a large body of water and seasonal sport facilities. A few contemporary sculptures are placed along the stroll, trying to bring an additional depth to this mainly urban park.

With many cafés and restaurants on its sides, Hisaya Odori has become the place-to-be for the local youth as well as tourists who can enjoy a green oasis and outdoor terraces to hang out in Nagoya’s downtown. There, you will indeed easily find:

  • Food, with regional and international specialties;
  • Drinks, especially in the early evening; or,
  • Shops for window-shopping and buying souvenirs.

The 40 something shops in the park are operated by Rayard Mitsui Shopping Park, that also manages Shibuya’s Miyashita urban park, providing the same kind of open-air shopping mall and entertainment venue, all at the same level.

Hisaya Odori (Nagoya), Lawns in the northern side of the park

Those who are interested in shopping can easily reach Sakae district's large shopping centers from the park, especially:

  • Oasis 21, a futuristic-looking mall built in 2002;
  • Mitsukoshi and Matsuzakaya, the usual Japanese department stores;
  • Parco, and its basement floor dedicated to food and delicatessen shops.

Hisaya Odori Park is a pleasant and convenient pedestrian area to wander in town and do some shopping. It offers a quiet and friendly ambiance in the heart of Nagoya.

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