Ryugu Castle Observatory (Kurima-jima), View on Yonaha-Maehama Beach on Miyako-jima

Yonaha-Maehama Beach

🏖 Miyako-jima’s Best Beach for Swimming

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Yonaha-Maehama is a large white sand beach located in the south-west of Miyako-jima, facing Kurima-jima. It is one of the best beaches in Miyako for swimming and nautical activities. A panorama on Yonahama-Maehama coastline can be viewed after crossing the Kurima bridge toward the eponymous island.

Miyako-jima is famous for being home to some of the most beautiful beaches of Japan and Yonaha-Maehama beach 🏖 is a perfect example of this. Located about fifteen minutes by car 🚙 from the airport and Hirara downtown, it is a nice getaway on a sunny afternoon. Lodging facilities are also available in the vicinity for vacations with a view on the sea.

Yonaha-Maehama Beach (Miyako-jima), View on the sand and the planes

Great white sand beach with crystal clear water

Tourists will find a 7-kilometers stretch of fine sand and enjoy relaxing or playing sports on this vast area. The activities available at Yonahama-Maehama beach include:

  • Farniente on a deck chair and under a parasol (to rent at the beach);
  • Swimming in a warm and clear water;
  • Jet-skiing;
  • Riding a towed tubing, or,
  • Beach volley match.

The café-restaurant Mipama es su casa also offers snacks and refreshments with a beautiful view on the beach. Showers and lavatories are available in summer for an average fee of a few hundred Yens 💴 per person.

The blue of the ocean varies with the sky’s color and one can spent a long time contemplating this beautifully colored landscape, with hues from dark blue, to emerald green or turquoise. The sand quality is also remarkable: white, clean, and soft under the feet, as well as the transparency of the water in which one can’t help to dip in. The beach is well-maintained and frequently cleaned.

This postcard-like decor is unfortunately spoiled by air traffic, and it is not unusual, during the peak season, to hear the planes ✈️ and see them fly over the beach to land at Miyako airport, located nearby inland.

Its location on the western side of Miyajo-jima makes Yonahama-Maehama famous for beautiful sunsets on the water.

Ryugu Castle Observatory (Kurima-jima), View on Yonaha-Maehama Beach and Kurima Bridge

Ryugu Castle’s Observatory on Kurima-jima

Yonaha-Maehama beach faces Kurima-jima. Therefore, we recommend visitors using their own mean of transport (car, motor scooter or bicycle) to cross the free Kurima Bridge to go strolling on the neighboring small island.

Ryugu Castle 🏯’s Observatory is a platform built on a hill and easy to access by the road, at the exit of the bridge. The three-story high concrete structure offers an unobstructed panoramic view on the western coastline of Miyako:

  • Yonaha Beach opposite;
  • On the right, Kurima bridge; and,
  • Irabu-jima island on the left.

Several cafes and elegant local shops, as well as other beautiful tropical beaches on the outer coast of the island complement the exploration of Kurima.


Praised in travel and sightseeing magazines, Yonaha-Maehama beach is a must-see on Miyako-jima. Its large sand extent welcomes events on a regular basis such as the start of the yearly triathlon contest of the island. Those who prefer quietness will also find a place away from the crowds.

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