Asakusa Observatory, View toward Asahi Museum

Asakusa Observatory

The Observation Deck at the Culture and Tourist Information Center 

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Asakusa observatory is a terrace at the top floor of the area’s Culture and Tourist Information Center’s building, facing Kaminarimon in the north-east of Tokyo. It offers a unique view on the shopping street leading to the famous Senso-ji temple.

Asakusa area’s main attractions are Senso-ji temple and its surroundings, including its majestic Kaminari-mon gate, its main hall, and the long shopping street named Nakamise-dori. Facing this street, stands an 8-story building with an original architecture that gives a view on the crossroads.

The building designed by architect Kengo Kuma was inaugurated in 2012. It shelters on its ground floor Asakusa’s Culture and Tourist Information Center, with a multilingual reception desk (English, Chinese, Korean) as well as amenities such as a free Wi-Fi connection and toilets 🚽. The upper floors are dedicated to office spaces and conference and exhibition rooms.

But its most interesting features are located at the top floor:

  • Miharashi, a cosy café, and,
  • The observation deck offering a great view on the temple’s surroundings up to Sumida river.

Visitors can enjoy here another urban scenery with a perspective on the district around Senso-ji and its pagoda. Slightly to the east, the view on Sumida Park is mostly hidden by buildings, but the Asahi Beer Headquarters’ Flame is viewable. In the background, Tokyo SkyTree elegantly reaches to the sky.

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