Hachiko Bus in Shibuya ward, in Tokyo

Hachiko Bus

The Kawaii Shibuya Ride

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Hachiko Bus is a public transport and touristic bus operating in Shibuya ward, in the west of Tokyo. With four different routes, the small-size bus offers a comfortable ride especially on rainy days.

The network of trains 🚅 and subways 🚇 in Tokyo is so dense and punctual that it is easy to forget about the interesting complement that can be the bus. It is an unavoidable transportation mean especially in Kyoto (while not always convenient) and in many more remote places of the archipelago, and it can be worth riding a community or city bus sometimes in the capital. The occasions are less however, and you will need to have some command of the Japanese language.

Some buses are specific, such as the Hachiko Bus that runs in Shibuya ward. Displaying the image of the legendary and eponymous dog, this miniature bus has been transporting passengers for more than ten years. You may have spotted it when sightseeing the west of the capital, and it is indeed unmissable: painted in red, blue or orange, with the famous dog’s face decorating its front and sides.

The riding fee costs about one hundred Yens 💴, to reach the various interesting places in Shibuya. If you are lucky, you will also hear Hachiko’s song during the trip! There is no doubt the youngest travelers will be thrilled.

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By Kanpai Updated on April 08, 2022 Bus Hachiko