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Tokyo's hipster district

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A thousand wonders lie hidden beyond Tokyo’s Yamanote line and their discovery will offer you endless delights.

The Japanese megalopolis is commonly considered as one of the world’s capitals of fashion, and rightly so. In that department, there is no denying the leading influence of western Tokyo’s fashion shops. Take the shop-covered hills of Shibuya, or Takeshita-dori in Harajuku, which provide an introduction to Tokyo’s fashion world, even though very much tourist-oriented.

For those looking to fill their eyes with beautiful cityscape, such places should not overshadow the sublime architecture of Daikan-yama or the delightfully affluent boho atmosphere of Cat 🐈 Street.

In this spirit, it seems only natural to continue on to Shimokitazawa which is wrought with the same creative spirit that shapes its unique identity. In the pretty pedestrian side streets that wind through pleasant hills, you will find a galore of non-franchised (at long last!) fashion boutiques surrounded by small bars offering a profusion of delicacies. An untypical feature is that you will find ladies’ as well as men’s and not just teenagers’ wear there.

If you are a follower of fashion and have a relish for unusual looks, you should not miss the maze of shops around the station with its convivial atmosphere created by travelling street musicians, local performing arts venues or movie theaters.

There is also something cutely shitamachi, except for the sleekness, about Shimokitazawa, which makes for its unique character; from the roof tops, the likeness is so strong that one cannot help recall the stunning Tekkonkinkreet anime movie. In the background, Shinjuku skyscrapers make a statement of sound character, underlining the exquisite ambivalence of Tokyo.

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By Kanpai Updated on March 10, 2023 Shimokitazawa