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Western Tokyo includes the districts of Nerima, Suginami and Setagaya as well as Saitama prefecture in the northwest and Kanagawa for its most adjoining part of the capital. The main tourist cities of this suburb are Kawagoe, Mitaka, Chofu and Tama.

On this page are gathered all the getaways of the Western side of the Japanese capital, for some located in the huge ward of Setagaya (the second biggest, and the most populated of the great Tokyo).

Here are not included the visits of the "heart" of the enormous city, notably around the Yamanote circle line, but those a little further outside.

Most of these attractions will be accessible from Shinjuku, the biggest train station in the world, which serves a countless number of destinations from its railways.

The larger part of Western Tokyo offers a variety of landscapes often time surprising, from residential districts to hikes in nature, without forgetting impressive urban complexes. 

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