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Sunshine 60 is a skyscraper located in the heart of the Ikebukuro shopping district in Tokyo. This business building is also home to the entertainment facility Sunshine City. The panoramic viewing platform, Sky Circus (opened in April 2016), is on the 60th floor, 251 m above sea level. This observation deck combines a 360° view over Tokyo and sensory activities, including virtual reality.

🚧 Renovation in Progress

Sky Circus Observatory is closed for renovation works from October 2022 until April 18, 2023.

In the basement and the first floors, you will find dozens of shops, restaurants, a museum and Sunshine City’s aquarium, like "a city under the city" spreading to several neighboring buildings.

The building was constructed around 1977, on the site used formerly for Sugamo Prison, where war criminals were jailed. Funnily enough, the place’s most prominent feature today is its observatory, with its romantic atmosphere. You’ll meet a lot of young Japanese couples dating, especially in the evening. The 360° view of Tokyo is impressive and allows you to admire Ikebukuro and northwest of Tokyo quite closely. But you can also contemplate Tokyo Skytree, which emerges from the endless cityscape with panache.

If you visit Sunshine 60 on a good day when the weather is mild, you can also go out on the roof of Sunshine City to enjoy the observation deck, one of the few outdoor observatories in Tokyo.

The two crossed lanes in the central part of the Sunshine 60 floor are used for time-limited events on Japanese popular culture. During our 2012 visit, there was a One Piece exhibition devoted to the release of the latest movie, Z.


Sky Circus

The Tenku 251 observatory was refurbished and reopened on April 21th, 2016, under its new name: Sky Circus. Along with a panoramic view over Tokyo, the upper floor now offers seven areas of sensory activities, including kaleidoscopes, 4D simulators, distorting mirrors, giant touchscreens and virtual reality experiences. A visit to this technological wonderland can please both children and adults.

The main theme of this interactive space is the sky, and you will find different activities. For example, couples come here to test their love compatibility. While standing under two umbrellas in front of a screen, lovers, hand in hand, receive their relationship forecast. Moreover, an entire wall is covered with kaleidoscopes, set to various heights so that children of all ages can enjoy the activity.

The most interesting are the virtual reality games, such as the human cannonball: thanks to the full headset, you will experience being ejected into the sky above Tokyo. The funniest attractions are unfortunately charged separately, and the lines can be quite long.

In the summer of 2019, it was possible to try a temporary sensational attraction: a Tyrolean traverse from Sunshine 60’s roof, 231 m above Tokyo. How sensational is that?

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