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Japan Sightseeing Guide

The Touristic Destinations in the Archipelago

The Japanese archipelago is made of nearly 7,000 islands, spreading from Hokkaido in the North-East to Okinawa in the South-West, on a total of 3,000 kilometers long and 378,000 square kilometers. We can easily imagine the broad variety of landscapes and interests, a promise for discoveries in each of its forty-seven prefectures.

The 4 main islands, with Honshu at their head, cover up 95% of Japan’s surface, where mountains occupy more than two thirds of the territory.

Numerous visitors stop in Tokyo and Kyoto ; at Kanpai, without denying these must-see attractions, we are looking further and we are willing to make you discover the essential spots as well as superb things to do hidden a little bit everywhere in Japan.

You will find here countless travel destinations in Japan, from the most touristic spots to very confidential ones, majestic shrines and temples, modest and funny discoveries, from the unmissable duo to the whole archipelago of Japan, from the mountains tops of Hokkaido to Okinawa beaches.

These sightseeing articles are accompanied with practical information about how to get there and illustrated with photos and videos in order for you to appreciate visits from your screen.

Lastly, before planning a visit and to avoid any disappointment, make sure to check the works and temporary closures.

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