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Uji is the second biggest city of Kyoto prefecture, with almost 190,000 inhabitants for a total surface of 68km² only. 14 kilometers away from Kyoto in the South, the city makes a very pleasant day of visit outside the touristy place that the former imperial city became. 

The city, known for its green tea, is crossed by a river with the same name (Ujigawa), sourced at Lake Biwa, not far away.

We know Uji for its famous Byodo-in temple, loved by tourists of all nationalities, especially since the renovation works of 2014, which made it brilliant again. 

Visiting the city is a good occasion to walk around and discover a charming village, without solely doing the round-trip from Kyoto.

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How to get to Uji
In train from Kyoto, 16 minutes of express train on the Nara JR Line, stop at Uji train station
How long / when to visit

Avoid Sundays as it gets super crowded

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