Kyoto’s Little Sister

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Uji is the second biggest city of Kyoto prefecture, with almost 190,000 inhabitants for a total surface of 68km² only. Located 14 kilometers south to Kyoto, Uji makes a very pleasant one-day getaway from the touristy place the former imperial city became.

The city is renowned for its green tea production and is crossed by an epnoymous river (Ujigawa), sourced at Lake Biwa, not far away.

Uji shelters the famous Byodo-in temple, loved by tourists of all nationalities, especially since the renovation works of 2014, which gave it back its former glory.

Moreover, the opening of a museum dedicated to the video game brand Nintendo by the end of 2023 was announced. The place named "Nintendo Gallery" will use the "Uji Ogura Plant" premises, a plant formerly used by the company between 1969 and 2016.

Visiting Uji offers many possibilities of walking around and discovering a charming village, and is worth the round-trip from Kyoto.

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By Kanpai Updated on September 16, 2021 Uji