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As it is not always easy to find the time to thoroughly prepare a trip, or to select destinations for an in-depths discovery of Japan, the best solution is to seek assistance from an expert travel agency like Keikaku. Browse through their customized services or let them organize your travel.

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Daisen Park (Sakai, Osaka), Pond in the Japanese garden
Daisen Park Japan’s Largest and Oldest Kofun Tombs
Daisen Park is a large 38.5 hectares public green area located in Sakai, in the southern suburb of Osaka. Stretching between the huge Kofun burial mounds of emperors Nintoku and Richu, the park also shelters 2 museums, 2 tea houses, a Japanese garden and about 1,000 cherry trees…
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Kanpai provides a lot of information on Japan and traveling in Japan. We gathered here the most useful hints for your trips in the archipelago.

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May 12
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June 6
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