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Miyajima's maple walk

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Momijidani, located on the famous Miyajima island, is one of the most famous momiji 🍁 (maple trees) parks in Japan. In Japanese, "Momiji-dani" literally means "maple valley".

Momijidani park is part of the classical tourist circuit on the island, since its paths are inevitable between Itsukushima Shrine (with its floating torii ⛩️) and Mount Misen. I suggest you visit the park before ascending by cable-car 🚙 or by the trail, but after a hook by the sublime Daisho-in temple.

Beautiful in all seasons, Momijidani is obviously even more stunning during fall with its thousands of red momiji leaves. There are nearly two hundred maple trees in the park, with a majority of acer palmatum.

Walking in Momijidani is also an opportunity to encounter more deers, just as curious as those down on the pier near the ferry ⛴️. If you want to approach them without risking loud "kawaii!" shouts from young Japanese women, prefer the calm of Momijidani where they are more isolated.

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By Kanpai Updated on September 15, 2021 Parc Momijidani