Airbnb, one of the finest housings in Japan

Launched in 2008, Airbnb has only recently established a large range of accommodations in Japan. During our travels abroad, whether we chose to stay in a house or apartment, it was a necessity to try out their Californian platform, since their Swiss rivals HouseTrip has a low range of lodgings as of now.

Their operating system is very straightforward: Airbnb offers available lodgings based on your city of choice, your set dates of travel and the number of travelers. You will be recommended housings based on your budget, localization in the city, and the type of housing.

Furthermore, it is possible to find shared rooms from US$ 9 a night whereas private larger housings in the city-center area could easily rise up to US$ 200. For instance, during our last travel, we spent 19 nights in new two-bedroom flats (around 50 square meters) located in Tokyo and Osaka. Overall we spent less than 100 dollars a night, including the Airbnb commission. This is ultimately an unbeatable price-quality for the high level or service received.

Our choice of apartments and opinions

While in Tokyo, we chose to lodge in an apartment close to the Otsuka station, an area conveniently located on the northern part of Yamanote. The building of a few floors had a very occidental architecture in one of the rooms and more of a Japanese style in the other with a separate kitchen, lounge/dining room, and a balcony.

In Osaka, we are pleased to have chosen Umeda because of its ideal location and its incredibly modern apartment in a 39-floor building (only 5 months old). Each lodging was fully equipped with ovens and stoves in the kitchen, bathtubs and washing machines in the bathrooms. In addition, they also provided bicycles.

Here are the apartments where we stayed during this trip:

There are even crazy-funny apartments such as this one, Super Mario World themed!

Seriousness, and hospitality

Exchanges with the owners were a pleasant surprise as they proved to be reachable before and during the stay. They welcomed us at the railway station and agreed to negotiate prices for our chosen dates of several weeks. They also played the omiyage (souvenir) game with great pleasure. It’s evident that there are more opportunities if you speak Japanese, however the owners reassured us that English is more then enough for our short period stay.

Thanks to them, we avoided the troubles one may encounter while dealing with informal and sometimes too professional travel agencies. Moreover, we can also find recommendations on the website to give us relatively accurate locations and hospitality information. Trust is very significant with the Japanese system. Although Airbnb retains an imprint of the credit card, we give them no security deposit and then all snags become distant.

During our next travel abroad to Japan, we will without a doubt rely on Airbnb for an unflawed stay. we can say that we discovered the solution to accommodations that seems to be the finest. The choices of stay seem quite varied in Tokyo, a little less in other cities, however, it is clear that the trend will soon reverse.

$25 discount ticket on your Airbnb booking!

If you make your first booking with Airbnb by clicking on this link, you will be saving US$ 25 from the overall price (on a US$ 200 minimum order, quickly obtained with a few nights rental):

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