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Rent a House in Japan

Stay in a Japanese Home for Vacation 

House rental is an interesting accommodation option for tourists who would like to experience the Japanese daily life.

Many websites offer short stay vacation rentals in apartments, especially in large cities like Tokyo, or more traditional houses with tatami rooms and futon beddings.

House rental is a good solution for groups, offering more privacy for families and is more convenient when traveling with friends, as everyone can live at their own pace.

Pay attention to the actual location of the accommodation. It is preferable to choose a house that is:

  • Near a transportation hub or within reach of a convenient transportation network,
  • Near food supply facilities, such as konbini for the most frugal visitors, or supa, supermarkets selling fresh products and everyday use items,
  • Etc.

The previous users’ reviews can naturally help in the selection of the house to rent.

Renting a full house allows to discover the local life in Japan, with its advantages: with bicycle provided or a garage for your car, but also typically Japanese inconveniences, such as the tricky garbage-sorting rules!

Renting a house to individuals allows to be welcomed by local people, with the feeling of traveling in immersion.

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