Nankai Rapit

From Kansai International Airport to downtown Kyoto and Osaka

Located on an artificial island about 50 kilometers southwest of Osaka’s heart, Kansai International Airport (KIX) is increasingly used by foreign tourists. It is indeed very practical for those who do not wish to build their circuit as a loop, that is landing and taking off from Tokyo.

Several modes of transportation are available to offer different solutions to travelers to and from the most attractive cities of the region. We will focus on those that obviously gather the most interest: Kyoto and Osaka.

Note that in addition to the traditional means of transportation listed below, a ferry ⛴️ (“Bay Shuttle”) connects KIX and Kobe Airport in half an hour, with 16 round trips by day, for a price of 1,850¥ (~US$16.96).

Common information

Only JR trains 🚅 listed below are free for Japan Rail Pass carriers. Nankai trains belong to the eponymous company, naturally incompatible.

All buses leave and arrive at Terminal 1. Since July 1st, 2015, limousine buses that make the connection to Osaka run 24 hours a day: in addition to the daytime hours, a bus runs every hour between 11pm and 7am.

Do not hesitate to use the luggage delivery system (takkyubin) if you use public transportation.

Taxis are accessible at Terminals 1 and 2. Their rates are indicative and may be overloaded during night hours.

To/from Kyoto

  • JR "Airport Express Haruka" train: ~75 min / 3,470¥ (~US$31.82) with a reserved seat or 2,700¥ (~US$24.76) on non-reserved
  • Yasaka shuttle: ~120min / 4,200¥ (~US$38.51)
  • Limousine bus: ~85 min / 2,550¥ (~US$23.38)
  • MK minibus: 90~120 min / 4,200¥ (~US$38.51) from 7h to 22h or 4,500¥ (~US$41.27) during night hours
  • Taxi: 90~120 min / 32,000¥ (~US$293.40)

To/from Osaka


  • JR "Airport Express Haruka" train: ~50 min / 2,850¥ (~US$26.13) with a reserved seat
  • Bus: ~60 min / 1,550¥ (~US$14.21)
  • Taxi: ~60 min / 18,000¥ (~US$165.06)


  • JR "Kansai Airport Rapid Service" train: ~70 min / 1,190¥ (~US$10.91)
  • Limousine bus: ~50 min / 1,550¥ (~US$14.21)
  • Taxi: ~50 min / 20,000¥ (~US$183.40)


  • Train :
    • Nankai "Rapi:t": ~35 min / 1,430¥ (~US$13.11) or 1,640¥ (~US$15.04) in "super-seat"
    • Nankai "Airport Express": ~45 min / 920¥ (~US$8.44)
    • JR "Airport Express Haruka": 40~45 min / 2,230¥ (~US$20.45) with a reserved seat
  • Limousine bus: ~50 min / 1.050¥ (~US$9.63) or 1,850¥ (~US$16.96) round-trip valid 14 days
  • Taxi: ~50 min / 20,000¥ (~US$183.40)


  • JR "Airport Express Haruka" train with ICOCA card (equivalent of Suica): ~30 min / 1,500¥ (~US$13.76) kept in credit on the card
  • Limousine bus: ~70 min / 1,000¥ (~US$9.17)
  • Taxi: ~50 min / 16,000¥ (~US$146.72)

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