Condominium Hotel Grandview Atami, Main entrance

Condominium Hotel Grandview Atami (Review)

Apartment-hotel in the Heart of the Lower City

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The Condominium Hotel Grandview is located a few meters to the south-west of Atami station, in the center of the city. This residential building was repurposed into a hotel with rooms arranged as small apartments. It is therefore possible to live a few nights in a classical housing, with all the amenities available in most of Japanese homes.

From the station and after crossing Atami’ lovely shotengai shopping street, there are two entrances to the Hotel 🏨 Condominium:

  • One in a backstreet from a street above, but with steep stairs that are inconvenient for the suitcases, or,
  • The main entrance, although a bit further down the street in the direction of the main beach (located within five minutes’ walk).

Despite the configuration of Atami’s narrow streets going upward and downward between the higher and the lower city, the Condominium Hotel Grandview is in a good location and benefits from great surroundings. Two small restaurants are just up the building’s street and the others in the downtown are easily reached within a dozen minutes’ walk. Those who prefer the takeaway solution can go to a supermarket close to the station or in one of the konbini opened 24/7/365, always in the vicinity.

Condominium Hotel Grandview Atami, One of the rooms

Simple but well-furnished rooms

The greatest advantage of the hotel lies in its rooms fitted like apartments, with the necessary items for daily life and cooking: fridge, micro-wave, cooking hob, and tableware. The bathroom 🛁 is similar to the majority of Japanese domestic bathrooms, with a place to wash sitting in front of a shower. After washing, one can soak in a bathtub that can be shared with the rest of the family (use the switch at the bathroom door to turnon the water heating). Bedding consists of futon stored in wide cabinets, that must be unfolded at night to transform the living room in a bedroom. On a side note, the two largest apartments also have Western-style bedding.

Beside these amenities, the small lodgings have a rudimentary decoration, not so warm but they are always clean. However, in the evening the lighting by only one big neon light at the ceiling can be insufficient. The neighboring apartments seem to be quite well insulated as one does not hear the neighbors so much.

Condominium Hotel Grandview Atami, View on the city

Beautiful views on Atami Bay

Most of the rooms provide beautiful panoramas on Atami, especially the ones on the side of the building and even at the first floor. We also recommend going on the roof top to watch the fireworks 🎆 that are frequently displayed above the Bay.

The staff is nice and has some proficiency in English. Next to the reception, the breakfast room offers both Japanese and European menus. It is also possible to place a reservation for a dinner made of local fresh products (sashimi) that can be delivered to the apartment. Moreover, the hotel owns its public and private onsen ♨️ in the upper floors, providing some beautiful views on the city and on the coast. They also have a spa function with bubble baths.

This hotel is recommended for travelers who like to have some independence and do not want to eat at the restaurant every night. It is perfect for groups or families who don’t mind sleeping in the same room, in the Japanese way. This accommodation solution is interesting to easily enjoy an atmosphere of privacy, especially when choosing the larger apartments.

Lastly, the condo-hotel is a cost-effective accommodation, especially when several persons share the apartment / room. On the contrary, staying alone is rather expensive.

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