Adashino Nenbutsu-ji

The temple with 8.000 Buddhist statues in Arashiyama

Many travelers organize their visit of Arashiyama around Togetsukyo bridge, and to its south with Iwatayama (the monkey mountain) or north into the shopping area and the bamboo forest. Going back further in Sagano in just half an hour walk, you finally arrive in less touristy areas that hide the superb Adashino Nenbutsuji temple.

If Kyoto and its surroundings have hundreds of temples and shrines to offer, the Nenbutsu-ji has a small special feature: its eight thousand Buddhist statues, each arranged as a representation of the dead, since the Heian period. Almost all the area is a tribute to dead souls.

The ride is serene and calm, decorated with beautiful natural colors that I wanted to show through my autumn photos.

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How to get to Adashino Nenbutsu-ji

By bus -- #72 Kiyotaki-Arashiyama line: Toriimoto station and 5 minute walk

By train -- JR train from Kyoto station, Torokko Arashiyama station and then 25 minute walk

Location reachable with the JRP : order your Japan Rail Pass (from ~US$ 281)


¥500 (~US$ 4.70)

Get your Japanese Yens free of charge

Opening hours

Open daily from 9am to 4:30pm (last entry at 4pm)

Closing at 3:30pm in December, January and February

How long / when to visit

Beautiful colors at the end of autumn

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Weather in Kyoto

22 / 27°C
24 / 29°C

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