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Osaka bay includes the boroughs of Konohana, Minato, Taisho and Suminoe, comprising the harbor districts and the artificial islands of Kansai's main city.

The unbounded urbanism of Osaka must definitely not evade the fact that the city is built on a bay, itself constituting the Eastern extremity of the Seto Inland Sea.

However, Osaka bay is not exclusive since several ports are located on it, in addition to the one of the megacity, for example the ports of Kobe, Nishinomiya or Sakai. We can also find, more in the South, the artificial island which welcomes Kansai International airport.

Besides Osaka port, the biggest of Japan, a whole zone of the city, opened on the bay, offers pleasant walks and some tourist attractions not to be missed! 

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大阪湾 (Ôsaka-wan : Osaka bay)